Wednesday, October 20, 2010


In order to register for Industry Night II: Breaking Into Sports and Entertainment Law, you must do the following:

Comment on this blog post with the following information:
-Your name and year
-Your non-SHU email address
-The reason you would like to attend the event
-3 questions that you would like to ask the panelists. These questions can be for the general group, or to any of the individual speakers.

Upon receipt and approval of this information by the Executive Board, you will receive a confirmation and ticket to the email you provided. If you do not receive confirmation within 48 hours of submission, please email


  1. Carl Riccio 2011
    I am interested in Sports Law and this looks like something I need to be involved with.

    1.) Question for NHL: What advice/warnings would you give the NFL pertaining to their Labor negotiations?

    2.) What is the largest obstacle to overcome in order to agree on a new collective bargaining agreement? Salary cap/ Players revenue %/ Rookie contracts/ 18 game schedule/ arbitration for protesting or challenging fines and suspensions.

    3.) Why has almost every major sports union been able to bargain for guaranteed contracts including baseball, basketball, and hockey, while the NFL players union is nowhere near that?

  2. James Shaffer 2013
    I have always been very interested in Entertainment and Sports law, and I would like to hear what people have to say about their experiences in this field.

    1) Generally do people who work directly for sports organizations work for a lawfirm for a time before working for a team?

    2) What kind of skills do you recommend developing to have an upper hand when breaking into sports and entertainment law?

    3) If you would like to work in sports and entertainment law how important is networking to get internships and jobs that relate to the field?

  3. Shaun Salmon

    What was the most surprising aspect of working in entertainment law, good and bad?

    What are your best recommendations for getting a job you want after law school/what first job offers the best entry into the entertainment industry? (i.e. clerkship, firm associate, etc).

    What are your thoughts on the Fox/Cablevision negotiations?

  4. Megan George

    What are your thoughts on sports leagues switching from broadcasting on basic cable to channels such as the NHL Network and the NFL Network

    What type of internships/classes/skills should law students obtain before trying to break into the sports industry

    Do entertainment firms prefer students with an IP background?

  5. Alex Weininger 2013
    I would like to attend the event as I am interested in pursuing a career in entertainment law, specifically with on-air media talent.
    My questions are:

    I hear the words "agent" and "entertainment attorney" used interchangeably. What is the difference between the two and how do agents and attorneys (and even publicists in some cases)work together to protect the interests of the client?

    What is your advice for an aspiring entertainment attorney starting out? In a big firm/company? Small firm/company where you may get more hands-on experience? What do you look for in a hire at your firm?

    What would you say, constitutes the majority of your work? Is it the contract negotiation? The training and development of the client? Marketing?

  6. 1. What do you feel is the most rewarding aspect of practicing in your specific area of the law?

    2. What is the best piece of advice that you received during your journey to your current position that you feel is still relevant and would be helpful to us?

    3. What do you think is the best way for us to get our names 'out there,' beyond networking? (if such another way exists...)

  7. Krista Lynn Peckyno 2011

    I am attending the event because I think it is an amazing opportunity to meet some highly influential people in the industry and engage in discussion in a way not normally available to students.

    1. The road to in-house has many paths, yet it is still so difficult to do. How can we, as students, begin the journey in a meaningful way?

    2. For NY Jets Counsel- can you speak on the American Needle ruling from any inside perspective?

    3. For Mad Ave- what are some initial steps for someone that is thinkign of becoming an agent?

  8. Michael Goldman

    I am attending this event because it is a great way to engage members of the industry in a more personal setting.

    1. Mad Ave-How has the recent focus on agents' wrongful activities affected the day-to-day operations of agents?

    2. NY Jets-What is the Jets front office doing to prepare for a possible lock out?

    3. Would you recommend graduating students gain general legal experience with a firm before trying to move into an in-house position with an entertainment or sports law organization.

  9. Tara Toner 2013

    I am attending this event because I think it's a great way to meet attorneys within entertainment and sports law and expand my knowledge of those fields.

    1. What is one experience in either your current position or during your career that is particularly memorable?

    2. With how easily accessible logos, fake tickets, music and other content is today, what steps do you take to combat such piracy?

    3. Which skills developed outside of law school do you feel have been the most helpful in your career?

  10. Toni Ann Marabello

    I would like to attend this event because I'm a 1L and I am interested in entertainment and sports law. I would like to learn more about the industry before I decide to specialize in this area. I also think this is a great networking opportunity.

    I would ask the panelists:

    1) What were some of the most valuable skills you learned in law school that you use most in the industry today?

    2) What are the advantages to working in-house as opposed to in a large firm?

    3) In light of the current NFL controversy, what effect might this have on current/ future sport attorney/ agents. For example, could this mean a smaller job market for future sport attorney/ agents if current NFL-focused agent/attorneys move into other areas of sports?

  11. Sean Kennedy

    I am interested in entertainment law.

    1) What advice would you have for 1Ls that want to work in entertainment law/what do firms like to see on their resume when considering them for internships/externships?

    2) Does working in the entertainment law area come with a risk of pigeon-holing your career?

    3) How realistic is it for graduating students to find job placement in this area of the industry considering the market?

  12. Aaron Fischer class of 2013
    I would like to attend the event to learn more about the industry I plan to work is, as well as to meet and network with professionals and students interested in the entertainment law field.
    3 Questions:
    1) What classes in school did you benefit the most from?
    2) How do you go about finding clients?
    3) What are the best and worst parts about working on this field?

  13. Jennifer Lefebvre
    I want to attend this event because it is a great opportunity to hear real life opinions on this industry.
    1. Do you feel that a Masters in Music Business and Entertainment Industries would help obtain a job right out after graduation?
    2. How does geographical location affect networking abilities (NYC vs. Miami vs. LA)
    3. How well-prepared did you feel right after graduation for this industry?

  14. I'm interested in attending because this event was absolutely the best run and most effective student-driven program last year, and there is not reason to think it will be any different this year.

    1) Is sports law something that can compliment one's practice, or do you think the most effective sports/entertainment lawyers are those who are solely dedicated to the profession?
    2) In an interview setting, how does one sell him or herself as dedicated to a sports and entertainment career without coming off as a fan boy or girl?
    3)In light of the much publicized helmet to helmet hits in the NFL, is there a realistic possibility of class-action tort litigation down the line between retired players and the NFL? Is that the real reason driving the league's sudden recognition of the dangers of tacket football?

  15. Liana Nobile 1L

    I am interested in the event because I have always been interested in entertainment/sports law, it is the reason I wanted to go to law school (and Seton Hall in particular) in the first place. However I want to learn more about the field and think this even will be a great way start.

    1) What made you decide to practice sports/entertainment law?

    2) What are your views on the Jets cheerleader/ reporter and Brett Farve scandal? Do you think the situation was handled properly?

    3) What is the biggest challenge you've faced in your career so far?

  16. Michael Drecolias class of 2012

    I would like to attend this event in order to gain insight into the entertainment law field as well as network with individuals that are already in positions that I hope to one day be in myself.

    3 questions:

    1. What should I be doing at this point in time to help break into the entertainment or sports law field (classes, internships, etc.)?

    2. What is the most rewarding aspect of the particular field that you work in (financially, mentally, etc.)?

    3. What project are you most proud of and why?

  17. Ryan Byrnes, 2012


    I'll be there because it's the only student event worth attending during the fall semester.

    Three potential questions:

    1. How does the volume of demand in this industry compare with other divisions of the legal industry?

    2. What was the most significant effect of the American Needle decision, and what will it mean for the NFL and other major sports leagues?

    3. Grokster and now LimeWire have been shut down due in large part to secondary liability laws holding them accountable for any potential infringement by their users. Is this a major victory for artists and record companies, or is it too little too late given how pervasive downloading and file-sharing has become in today's society?

  18. Audrey Day, 2LE,

    I'm interested in attending this event because I grew up around pro sports and have always envisioned getting back to pro sports as an adult, specifically in representing athletes (especially sine I have ZERO athletic talent!) and value the opportunity for insight on the best path to this destination.

    1. Given how difficult it is to break into the ESL field, what are your recommendations for how to network outside of the law school setting to set oneself up for future opportunities?

    2. Beyond a JD, what education/training/expertise would be most valuable to an agent representing an artistic or athletic performer?

    3. Currently, what is the role of women professionals in the world of sports law, particularly that of direct representation of athletes?

  19. Albert Yu - 1L

    My interest is in sports law so I'm particularly excited about the opportunity to hear this group of speakers talk about their experiences in the industry. Looks like I have many of the same questions as the other posters!

    1) What kind of opportunities are there in the field right now?

    2) What are the particular challenges of practicing sports and entertainment law on the East Coast as opposed to the West Coast? Is there a difference?

    3) What kind of work, and how much of it, is done in-house and how much of it is outsourced to law firms and/or agents?

  20. Andrew Baginski 2013

    I'm hoping to learn about career paths in the entertainment and sports law arena.

    My questions would include:
    (1) What courses are recommended for students to develop the skills necessary to be successful in the field?
    (2) What internships/experiences helped the panelists pursue careers in entertainment and sports law after graduating?
    (3) How might the recent focus on player safety in the NFL impact labor negotiations for next season and beyond?

  21. Chrishana White 2014, 1L PTD

    I'm interested in Sports and Entertainment Law and being in-house counsel for the NBA so going to an event where there will be someone who is an in-house counsel for the NFL will provide me with great insight.

    Most of the questions I have were stated previously in some form or another...

    1. What's the biggest difference between working for a big firm and being in-house counsel (besides the obvious)?

    2. As in-house counsel, what exactly do you do? For example, if a player is fined and the player wants to contest the fine, do you deal with the player/his attorneys in representing the league?

    3. Since the field is difficult to break into, do you suggest people start off working at a firm or working somewhere to get their name out and build a reputation before trying to "break and enter" the field?

  22. Rafael Lamberti, 2012, 2L

    I would like to attend this event to get a closer look at a field in which I have a growing interest in.

    1 - what work/internship opportunities are available for current law students or recent grads at the major sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.)?
    2 - What is, if any, the demand for immigration and cross cultural attorneys in the field?
    3 - how is the rise of "internet TV" affecting the entertainment and broadcast industry?

  23. Holly Dougherty, 2012
    I worked in entertainment law last summer and also attended this event last year and I am interested in again hearing what people in the industry have to say about opportunities for law students.
    1.) What are some alternative career options in entertainment and sports for a law degree?
    2.) How has the changing landscape of the legal field altered the entertainment and sports industry?
    3.) For entertainment, is it necessary to take the California bar since the large amount of the work in the field is centered in LA?

  24. Christopher Fontenelli 1L
    -I'm a former Seton Hall athlete that wants to stay with althetics and/or entertainment as a career path.
    1. What do you think is a realistic entry level position for a post-grad law student in the sports and entertainment realm?
    2. How did you get your foot into the door?
    3. Are there certain companies that you would recommend trying to intern at?

  25. Elizabeth Blakely,3LE
    I am a Seton Hall evening student pursuing sports law. I worked for the NFL last year, and I now work in the New Jersey Devils legal department as a law clerk.

    1. Given that sports law is a "niche" field,is it more beneficial to work within the sports industry after graduation or pursue a law firm position to gain legal experience?

    *The following questions relate to CBA negotiations that are currently underway:

    2. In light of the NFL's recent decertification efforts, do the panelists think that other leagues also will attempt to utilize decertification as a bargaining tactic?

    3. What are some drawbacks to decertification? In particular, how does decertification affect retired players?

  26. Stephen Catanzaro - 2013

    My interest has always been in Sports & Entertainment Law with the ultimate goal of becoming an agent after law school. I'm hoping this event will provide an opportunity to gain insight about the various professional organizations and potential career paths in the field.

    Questions for panel:

    1) It is clear that the sports/entertainment law is a tough field to break into. What do you suggest are the important steps to take while in law school for gaining entry into the field?

    2) How does a professional agent (athlete/performer) pursue prospective clients?

    3)Other than an agent, what other various roles can an attorney play in the sports and entertainment field?

  27. Dan Bause - 2011
    Sports Management major in college

    1. What would you say the percentage is of attorneys in high level executives/General Manager positions?

    2. Where does an in-house attorney generally start out?

    3. What other positions within the sports industry are ideal for people holding a J.D.

  28. Stephen Bauer 1L

    To get information about the sports/entertainment field.

    1. What are some key ways to separate yourself from the pack of applicants attempting to enter into your professional field?
    2. Would you recommend working at a larger firm/team and rise up a tougher corporate ladder, while having a strong brand behind you or to try and work with a smaller firm/team to rise up more quickly and move to a larger firm later?
    3. What direction do you see the NCAA/agent relationship going?

  29. I think my post must've been accidentally deleted - thanks to Sara for giving me the heads up...

    Stacey Trien

    I arranged for my friend Ari Nissim from the Jets to speak, and I would like to come to support him and this event. It was a great success last year.

    (1) What's your daily routine like at the office?
    (2) What part of your job do you like the most/least?
    (3) What was the initial catalyst that broke you into the industry?

  30. This post is to secure a spot at the event for Michael Amalfe, 2L and general bro king.

    1) What is the most useful non-legal skill you utilize on a daily basis?
    2) How important was developing a network with your peers while you were still in school?
    3) What is wrong with Randy Moss?

  31. Chris Yamaguchi

    1. What are some of the skills or classes that would best prepare you to enter the field?
    2. What was the path you took?
    3. What are some of the changes you anticipate with the collective bargaining agreements for the major sports leagues set to expire in the upcoming years?

  32. Allen Hansen

    Entertainment / Sports law is a field I am interested in, and Aaron told me to.

    1. As a field that is hard to break in to, what are some of the methods / skills that you utilized in order to establish yourself in the field?

    2. Besides receiving a JD, what other skills are necessary to have in order to become an agent?

    3. Is Jerry Maguire realistic?